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1951 Piedmont Annual


Page 1

Page 2 - School Board

Page 3 - Dedication

Page 4 - Annual Staff

Page 5 - Faculty

Page 6 - Seniors

Page 7 - Seniors

Page 8 - Seniors

Page 9 - Seniors

Page 10 - Seniors

Page 11 - Class History

Page 12 - Most Likely

Page 13 - Class Prophecy

Page 14 - Class Will

Page 15 - Snapshots

Page 16 - Junior Class

Page 17 - Sophomore Class

Page 18 - Freshman Class

Page 19 - Elementary Faculty

Page 20 - First and Second Grade

Page 21 - Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Page 22 - Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Page 23 - Seventh and Eighth Grade

Page 24 - Activities

Page 25 - Beta Club, Newspaper Staff & FFA

Page 26 - Monogram Club & Cheerleaders

Page 27 - Basketball

Page 28 - Girls Basketball

Page 29 - Boys Basketball

Page 30 - Snapshots

Page 31 - Autographs (Page is blank)

Page 32 to 48 are sponsor ads:

Young Brothers, Shelby, NC
OE Ford Co, Building Materials, Dairy Supplies, Masey-Harris Farm Machinery, Shelby, NC
Cleveland Lumber Co, Shelby, NC
SF Lee, The Best of Everything, Lawndale, NC
AV Wray & 6 Sons, Shelby, NC
Maxwell Morris & Kennedy, Frigidaire Appliances, Shelby, NC
Shelby Supply Co, Mill Supplies & Hardware, Shelby, NC
The Waldensian Bakery, Shelby, NC
Traywick's House Of Flowers, Shelby, NC
Wilson & Cornwell Gin, Shelby, Route #5
Hord's Soda Shop, Lawndale, NC
Williams General Merchandise, Fallston, NC
WJ Dixon & Sons, Fallston, NC
Wesson's Coffee Shop, Lawndale, NC
The Whiteway Cleaners, Shelby, NC
Nehi & Royal Crown Colas, Shelby, NC
Lutz Furniture Company, Shelby, NC
DA Beam Co, Inc, Shelby, NC
The Stamey Co, Fallston & Polkville, NC
Wilson & Grayson Automotive Service, Shelby, NC
Hamrick & White General Merchandise, Lawndale, NC
LH Brittain, Contractor & Builder, Lawndale, NC
Hoyle Groceries, Shelby, NC
Hamrick's Jewelers, Shelby, NC
JC Penney Co, Shelby, NC
AM Boggs Cotton Ginners & Buyers
Suttles Drug Store, Shelby, NC
Landis Shoe Shop, Shelby, NC
CA Brittain, Anything You Need, Casar, NC
Smawley Plumbing Contractor, Lawndale, NC
Belk Stevens Co
JJ Neason Hardware & Plumbing Supplies, Lawndale, NC
Lutz-Austell Funeral Home, Shelby, NC
Union Trust Company, Lawndale, NC
ER Wellman Gas & Oil, Shelby, NC
Cline-Land Dairy, Waco, NC
CB Elliot & Son, Shelby
Lutz Feed & Seed, Waco, NC
Heyward's Grocery, Polkville-Lawndale Road
Richard's Grocery, Lawndale, NC
W Ray Ledford, Jeweler, Lawndale, NC
H&S Supermarket, Fallston, NC
Hudson's Shoes
Piedmont Theater, Lawndale, NC
Lutz Yelton Co, International Harvester Trucks & Tractors, Shelby, NC
Spangler Roofing & Supply, Shelby, NC
Service Dry Cleaner, Fallston, NC
Whisnant Grocery, Fallston Road, NC
Clyde Blanton Gas & oil, Shelby, NC
Western Auto Associate Store, Shelby, NC
Costner Service Station, Lawndale, NC
Harold Elliot Watch Repair, Shelby, NC
HH Gold Genreal Merchandise, Shelby, NC
Clara-Jean Beauty Shoppe, Lawndale, NC
Sherer Motors, Desoto & Plymouth Sales & Service, Shelby, NC
Crawley Chevrolet Co, Shelby, NC
Whiteway Cleaners, Shelby, NC