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Piedmont High School Catalogue 1910 - 1911

Board Of Directors

H.F. Schenk, President
Jno. F. Schenk, Vice-President
J. D. S. Carpenter, Secretary-Treasurer
Carme Elam
J. A. Horn

School Calendar

August 15 - Beginning of Fall Term
December 23 - January 2 - Christmas Holidays
January 3 - Beginning of Spring Term
April 28 - Commencement

Faculty And Officers

William David Burns, A. B., LL.B.
(Wake Forest College)
History and Latin

Patterson Lorenzo Newton, A. B.
(Wake Forest College)
Mathematics, English, and Political Science

Mrs. William David Burns, A. B.
(Catawba College, and Peabody Conservatory of Music)

Lawton Blanton
Intermediate Department

Miss Georgie Elizabeth Clapp, B. I.
(Greensboro Normal and Industrial College, and Neff School of Oratory)
Primary Department and Elocution

Edward R. Osborne
(Massey Business College)
Business Department

Miss Mabel Augusta Bost
(Catawba College, and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music)

Miss Bessie Mull
Tutor in Mathematics

Posie Downs
Tutor in Mathematics

Miss Edith White
Assistant in Primary Department

Mrs. W. D. Burns, A. B.

Commencement, 1911

Sunday, May 14, 11 A.M. - Sermon by Rev. Joseph L. Murphy, D.D., Hickory, NC
Monday, May 15, 8 P.M. - Debate
Tuesday, May 16, 2:30 P.M.- Contest in Declamation
Tuesday, May 16, 8 P.M. - Concert
Wednesday, May 17, 10:30 AM - Literary address by Hon. T.W. Bickett, Raleigh, NC
Wednesday, May 17, 2:30 P.M. - Exercises by Graduating Class
Wednesday, May 17, 8 P.M. - Annual Concert

History And Situation

This school was established fifteen years ago. Under the generous patronage of the people, it has grown till it now not only numbers its students from the mountains to the seashore in this state, but others recognizing its merits have entrusted to its care their sons and daughters. In fact, its rapid growth made necessary larger buildings and ampler grounds. Seeing its needs, its friends rallied to its support, formed a joint-stock company, secured a charter from the Legislature, and commenced work in earnest. A large, conveniently arranged building was erected. Eight years ago it was found that we did not have room sufficient to accommodate our fast-growing patronage. The owners of the property added an annex thirty-two feet wide and forty feet long, two stories high. This addition to the first building, which was one hundred and thirty-two in length by thirty-two feet in width, two stories high, with verandas aggregating more than three hundred feet in length, gave our students ample room and comfort for these years. Five years ago at the beginning of the session it was found that our dormitory was taxed to its limit. The Trustees and the friends of the School once more made enlargement possible. A new building was completed. this new building, forty-eight by sixty-eight, two stories high, with a large basement, gave us a splendid dormitory for girls, with a large and conveniently arranged auditorium. Notwithstanding the great enlargement, it was soon found that our room was still insufficient; students were turned away for lack of room. This lack was met four years ago by the erection of another dormitory sufficient to accommodate forty more boys. Three years ago other improvements were made, new rooms were fitted up for the primary department, other recitation rooms were enlarged and the dining hall was remodeled. Yet, when the session opened and boys and girls began to arrive we found that we needed more room. The fact that it seems almost impossible to secure enough room for or students demonstrates clearly the wisdom of our plans and the soundness of our policy; not, perhaps, from a financial standpoint, but from the standpoint of doing the most good to the most people. A handsome building thirty by fifty, two stories high, was erected during the summer and it was ready for occupancy at the beginning of the session of 1909-1910. The lower story of this building is used as a boy's dormitory. The upper story is used by the Musigmarhonian and the Pierian Literary Societies.

On the seventh day of March, 1910, the main building, containing recitation rooms, dining-room, auditorium, Principal's office and residence, girl's dormitory, and one dormitory for boys, was destroyed by fire. As only two dormitories for boys and the society halls remained, it was impossible to continue our work, so the school was suspended for the remainder of the session. Major Schenck, the President of the Board of Trustees, called a meeting of the citizens and it was determined to rebuild. The contract was let and work was begun at once. Sequestered student life gave place to the builder's work. Girls, boys, teachers, study and examinations had given way to the carpenter, the mason and the tinner. Soon the wooded hill was resonant with the craftsman's tool. Out of the ashes of the old was born a bigger and better Piedmont. Out of the fire-fiend's ruin, out of cherished, broken plans have come the fruition of broader foundations and the realization of higher ideals. Three handsome structures, more modern in construction than the old, more dormitory rooms, more recitation rooms, greater conveniences, water-works, a larger campus, larger play grounds and electric lights are the outcome of our terrible disaster. In all there are six buildings on our campus. The main building, Schenck Hall, contains four well lighted and well ventilated recitation rooms, a dining room thirty-three by seventy, a kitchen with many conveniences, an office and rooms for the Principal and his family. The whole upper story of this building is used as a dormitory for girls. The next is a stately building containing the department of Music, the business school, the primary department and an auditorium fitted with raised seats and modern stage scenery. Its seating capacity is about nine hundred. The Waters' Library building now in the course of erection will be completed by the beginning of the next session. This building is the bequest of Miss Sallie Waters, erected in memory of her brother, Captain A.G. Waters, who was a brave Confederate soldier killed in the battle of Gains Mill, near Richmond, Virginia, June 27, 1862. The legacy was not sufficient for the building desired but the deficit was made up by Major H.F. Schenk and Mr. John F. Schenk. The building, thirty by thirty-six, two stories, built of pressed brick, the smallest but finest of our buildings, adorns the crest of the hill. It is a fit monument for one who gave life for native land - more appropriate by far than glistering marble or lofty granite.

On May the seventeenth, the last day of our commencement, after an aspiring address by Honorable T.W.Bickett, Major H.F. Schenck, President of the Board of Trustees, presented the needs of the School to the audience, and asked for five thousand dollars to pay off the existing indebtedness, to paint the buildings and to install water-works. A wave of enthusiasm, such as is seldom seen when people are asked for money, passed over the audience. Wealthy men, boys and girls working their way through school, women and children, all caught the spirit of the hour. More than six thousand dollars was raised. The thanks of the school are due to the friends of the institution whose loyalty and liberality have made it possible for us to take another step forward in the march of progress.

Piedmont is not dead. Piedmont is no longer in its infancy. PIEDMONT IS NOT AN EXPIRIMENT. From small beginnings, through toil and sacrifice, it has ripened in efficiency till it is now generally recognized as one of the strongest preparatory schools in the State. It has fifteen years of steady growth behind it, a large patronage and many friends in the present, and glorious possibilities for the future.

Our water cannot be surpassed. A well dug through ninety feet of almost solid rock is conveniently located for our use, besides, at a distance of not more than four hundred yards from the School, are springs of health-giving sulphur and chalybeate water.

Situated on top of a majestic hill sloping in every direction, thus giving perfect natural drainage; commanding a magnificent view of hills, vales, grassy undulating plains, and of the Blue Ridge in the distance; shaded by a forest of stately oaks; enlivened by the music of rippling water; with excellent drinking water and air free from the taint of malaria, nature has made this an ideal spot for an educational institution of a high order. But what has man done towards perfecting it? He has given us daily mail, communications with all the world by telephone and telegraph, a railroad within a mile of the School, electric lights, water-works, dormitories adequately furnished, large recitation rooms fitted with patent desks of the most approved pattern, and last, but not least, by his efforts as instruments in God's hands we are unpolluted by bar-rooms, gambling dens and other moral dangers of town and city life, which too often blight the lives of boys from Christian homes and blast the hopes of their dearest friends. We are nearly one mile from Lawndale; thus we have the advantage of the village with the perfect quiet of rural life so necessary to sustained mental effort.

Sunday Schools And Churches

Two flourishing Sunday Schools are within easy reach of us. The Baptists have regular appointments for preaching at New Bethel and Lawndale. The Methodists hold regular services at the latter place. The Presbyterians also hold services at Lawndale, but at irregular intervals. These churches are only a good walk from the School. All students are required to attend at least one of these churches. Students are required to attend daily roll-call which consists of singing, reading the Scriptures, and of prayer. At these services occasional talks will be made by the Principal and others, for the purpose of encouraging the students and inciting them to higher ideals and nobler efforts.

Two prayer meetings are held each week by the students, one by the girls and the other by the boys. These services are voluntary, and while no one is forced to go, they are largely attended and a spirit of devotion is shown that is pleasant to witness. Cant is discouraged, but it has been the constant effort of the management of Piedmont High School to inculcate a spirit of reverence for God and veneration for holy things. The School is distinctively Christian, but is not denominational.


The various colleges of our country claim that but few pupils are thoroughly prepared to enter the regular college classes in English, and hence they have inaugurated what they call sub-junior classes, or, in plainer terms, they are forced to do preparatory work in English, which should be done in the preparatory schools. This is not as it should be; our mother tongue should not be neglected, and while it is our purpose to prepare our students thoroughly in Latin, Mathematics, History, Political Science, etc., much time will be devoted to training the pupils in the elementary principles of composition, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing and grammar. An effort will be made to inculcate in our students a taste for good literature. In the higher classes the following books will be read and studied:
The Sir Roger de Coverly Papers, George Eliot's Silas Marner, Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, Scott's Ivanhoe, Irving's Sketch Book, Longfellow's Evangeline, Matthew Arnold's Sohrab and Rustrum, Tennyson's Princess, Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables, and others as they are suggested by our needs.

The books prescribed for entrance by the Southern Association of Colleges will be studied each year.




The Bible


Business Department

Certificates Of Proficiency

English Course

Course Preparatory For College

Text Books



Free Transportation Over Lawndale Railroad

The President of the Lawndale Railroad offers free transportation to students of Piedmont High School for the first week of the school term. Those coming later than the first week will be charged one-half fare. At any time during the the session our students can get half rates from Lawndale to Shelby and return by presenting a certificate signed by the Principal of the School to the agent at Lawndale.

Literary Societies, Medals And Scholarships






Physical Exercise




Board at actual cost.
Average of board last year, $5.98 per month.
Tuition in Literary Department, $1.00 - $3.00 per month.
Tuition in Music Department, $2.50 per month.
Piano rent, 50 cents per month.
Tuition in Elocution, $2.00 per month.
Tuition in Elocution in classes, 75 cents per month.
Room rent, 40 cents per month.
Those who take any branch in the College Preparatory Course will be charged $3.00 per month.
Fuel for girls' dormitory 50 cents per month or $3.50 for the whole session.


Piedmont High School As A Health Resort

Register Of Pupils, 1910 - 1911

Abernathy, Mary Cleveland County
Abernathy, W.A. Cleveland County
Alexander, Harry Augusta South Carolina
Baber, Memory Griffin Cleveland County
Ball, John South Carolina
Bass, Robert South Carolina
Baxter, Sallie Lincoln County
Beam, Earl Lincoln County
Beam, Florence Lincoln County
Beam, Lulu C. Lincoln County
Bell, Jack W. Mecklenburg County
Bingham, Essie Cleveland County
Bingham, Hattie Cleveland County
Black, Robert Cleveland South Carolina
Blanton, Coran C. Cleveland County
Blanton, G. Thurman Cleveland County
Blount, William A. Beaufort County
Boring, Willena Lincoln County
Boroughs, Ralph W. South Carolina
Bowen, Alma Cleveland County
Bowman, Frank Cleveland County
Bowman, Linsey Cleveland County
Bowman, Orrie Cleveland County
Bowman, Sue Cleveland County
Boyles, Bennie Lincoln County
Boyles, Carme Gettys Lincoln County
Boyles, Frances Asbury Lincoln County
Boyles, Lester E. Lincoln County
Brackett, Mary Annie Cleveland County
Brackett, Renner Cleveland County
Brinkley, Edna L. Union County
Brite, Isaac H. Craven County
Britton, William Bridgers Northampton County
Brown, Leslie Hubert Duplin County
Bumgardner, Erastus Gaither Cleveland County
Burgess, W. Grady Cleveland County
Byers, Hackett Ladson Cleveland County
Cabiness, Lizzie Cleveland County
Cabiness, Turner Cleveland County
Caldwell, Durham Cleveland County
Caldwell, Griffin Cleveland County
Campbell, Elmer H. Pennsylvania
Campbell, Hazel Pennsylvania
Campen, Joshua Earl Craven County
Canipe, Arthur Cleveland County
Canipe, George Cleveland County
Canipe, Lester Cleveland County
Canipe, Sammie Cleveland County
Capps, Ada Gaston County
Capps, James A. Gaston County
Carpenter, Hugh Cleveland County
Carpenter, Jennie Cleveland County
Cash, Charlie Cleveland County
Champion, Furman Cleveland County
Champion, Horace Cleveland County
Champion, Lee Cleveland County
Champion, Orville Odus Cleveland County
Champion, Plato Cleveland County
Chapin, William Jacobsen Carteret County
Childers, Wiley Floyd Lincoln County
Cline, David Cleveland County
Cline, Griffin Cleveland County
Cline, Hoyt Cleveland County
Cline, Lou Cleveland County
Cline, Mattie Lee Cleveland County
Cline, Paul Cleveland County
Clippard, Amy Cleveland County
Cloniger. Dewey Cleveland County
Cochrane, Birdie Cleveland County
Cochrane, Cleo Cleveland County
Cochrane, Eula Cleveland County
Cochrane, Morris Cleveland County
Cochrane, Sallie Cleveland County
Cole, Benford Onslow County
Cordell, Charles Cleveland County
Cordell, Ruth Cleveland County
Cornwell, Lola Cleveland County
Cornwell, Nora Cleveland County
Costner, Ambrose Cleveland County
Costner, Fred Cleveland County
Costner, Wheeler Cleveland County
Covington, Vertie May Cleveland County
Cox, Marion Franklin Pitt County
Crow, Ivey Cleveland County
Crowder, Kendall Cleveland County
Daberry, Romie Fletcher Cleveland County
Daniels, Charlie Lee Martin County
Davis, Byron Cleveland County
Davis, Dosha Lincoln County
Davis, Forrest Cleveland County
Dellinger, Lela Ruth Cleveland County
Deloach, John Robert Northampton County
Denton, Lillie Cleveland County
Denton, Selma Cleveland County
Denton, Ruth Cleveland County
Digh, Dow Cleveland County
Digh, Sallie Cleveland County
Digh, Sammie Cleveland County
Digh, Vester Cleveland County
Downs, Posie Edgar Cleveland County
Duncan, Josephine Cleveland County
Eaker, Clara Cleveland County
Eaker, Lillian Cleveland County
Edwards, Bertha Cleveland County
Edwards, Mae Cleveland County
Edwards, S. Jesse Union County
Elam, Addie Cleveland County
Elam, Carme Cleveland County
Elam, Mattie Wray Cleveland County
Elam, Sam Cleveland County
Elliot, Cleo Stone Cleveland County
English, Henry Rowland Cleveland County
Elmore, Ethel Cleveland County
Elmore, Ira Cleveland County
Elmore, Johnnie Cleveland County
Falls, Ella Cleveland County
Falls, George Cleveland County
Falls, Lula Mae Cleveland County
Falls, Mamie Cleveland County
Falls, Sylvester Cleveland County
Farnell, Gretchen Onslow County
Ferguson, Clarence Grady Lincoln County
Foyles, James Cleveland County
Freeman, Viola Esther Onslow County
Freshwater, Margaret Russell Onslow County
Gardner, Paris Cleveland Cleveland County
Gardner, Verna Cleveland County
Gardner, Zubulon Clifton Cleveland County
Gettys Rutherford County
Gibson, Vonie Cleveland County
Godwin, Ella J. Cumberland County
Godwin, Ethel Cumberland County
Godwin, L. T. Cumberland County
Gold, Ben Cleveland County
Gold, Blanche Cleveland County
Gordon, Walker South Carolina
Grigg, Bessie Cleveland County
Grigg, Burie Cleveland County
Grigg, Claude Cleveland County
Grigg, Ford Cleveland County
Grigg, Foster Cleveland County
Grigg, Gilbert Cleveland County
Grigg, Horace Cleveland County
Grigg, Laura Cleveland County
Grigg, L. G. Cleveland County
Grigg, Marvin Cleveland County
Grigg, Maude Cleveland County
Grigg, Tilden Cleveland County
Grigg, Quay Cleveland County
Guin, Lucretia Cleveland County
Guin, Maggie Cleveland County
Guntharp, Jean Georgia
Guntharp, Jessie Georgia
Guntharp, Tom Georgia
Hailey, Joseph Everitt Union County
Hamrick, Edgar Cleveland County
Hamrick, Gillet B. Cleveland County
Hamrick, Guthrie Cleveland County
Hamrick, Jarvis S. Cleveland County
Harrill, Mignon Rutherford County
Harrill, Van Rutherford County
Harris, Dent Cleveland County
Harris, Irene Cleveland County
Harris, Kent Cleveland County
Harris, Varona Cleveland County
Harris, Virginia Cleveland County
Hasty, D.T. Robeson County
Haynes, Beulah Cleveland County
Haynes, John D. Cleveland County
Haynes, Martin Cleveland County
Haynes, Summie Cleveland County
Haynes, Zula Cleveland County
Heafner, Blanche Lee Cleveland County
Heafner, Lucy Cleveland County
Henderson, Fuller Onslow County
Herndon, Hubert Taylor Cleveland County
Hicks, Annie L. Cleveland County
Hicks, Frank Cleveland County
Hill, Charles Am Brister South Carolina
Hoover, Hampton Cleveland County
Hord, Alda Cleveland County
Hord, Beuford Cleveland County
Hord, Cletus Cleveland County
Hord, Della Cleveland County
Hord, Forest Cleveland County
Hord, Gazzie Cleveland County
Hord, Lela Cleveland County
Hord, Maurice Cleveland County
Hord, May Cleveland County
Hord, Thelma Cleveland County
Hord, Vangie Cleveland County
Horn, D. Thurman Cleveland County
Horn, Julius H. Onslow County
Horn, Vertie Cleveland County
Houser, Daniel Grier Lincoln County
Houser, Fannie Lincoln County
Howard, Zeph Simpson Lincoln County
Hoyle, Katie Cleveland County
Humphries, Perry Aden South Carolina
Huntt, Carme Arthur Cleveland County
Huss, Conley Lincoln County
Jackson, Hugh Gordon South Carolina
Jeffreys, Eliza Cleveland County
Jeffreys, Nisha Cleveland County
Jeffreys, Sam Cleveland County
Jenks, Ralph W. Lincoln County
Jones, Clara Cleveland County
Jones, J.R. Cleveland County
Jones, Mary W. Cleveland County
Jones, Paul C. Cleveland County
Jones, R.H. Cleveland County
Kendrick, Everette M. Cleveland County
Kendrick, J. Yates Cleveland County
Lattimore, Mamie Cleveland County
Lattimore, Maude Cleveland County
Lattimore, Rowland Cleveland County
Lattimore, Roy Cleveland County
Lattimore, Selvia Cleveland County
Lattimore, Tom Cleveland County
Lattimore, Warren Cleveland County
Lattimore, Worth Cleveland County
Laughridge, Henry Cleveland County
Laughridge, Palmer G. Cleveland County
Leary, Linwood Cleveland County
Leary, Martin Luther Cleveland County
Leary, Rupert Cleveland County
Ledford, C. Alonzo Cleveland County
Ledford, Tom Cleveland County
Ledford, W. Baxter Cleveland County
Ledwell, Carrie Cleveland County
Ledwell, Effie Cleveland County
Lewell, Nick Cleveland County
Lee, Evelyn Cleveland County
Lee, Glen Cleveland County
Lee, Mary Cleveland County
Lee, Sammie Cleveland County
Leonard, C.C. Lincoln County
Liles, Thomas W. South Carolina
Linder Gary South Carolina
Love, A. Payne Cabarrus County
Love, Hal P. Cabarrus County
Lovelace, William M. Cleveland County
Lowery, John Choice Cleveland County
Luckadoo, Levi Vasco Rutherford County
Lutz, Irvin Cleveland County
Lyda, Oscar J. Gaston County
McBrayer, Florence Cleveland County
McIntyre, Ford Cleveland County
McIntyre, Theodore Cleveland County
McKinney, Clifford Rowan County
McKinney, Zack Rowan County
McLean, J.C. South Carolina
McMurry, Ethel Cleveland County
Mcmurry, Hokie Cleveland County
McMurry, Wayne Cleveland County
McMurry, Verdie Cleveland County
Manning, John Eber Martin County
Manning, James Octavius Martin County
Marine, Ollie Onslow County
Martin, Charles Benson South Carolina
Martin, John South Carolina
Mattocks, Leon Onslow County
Mattocks, Nolan Nash Onslow County
Mauney, Annie Mae Cleveland County
Mauney, Coleman Cleveland County
Mauney, David H. Cleveland County
Metcalf, Grady Cleveland County
Miller, Lawrence Cleveland County
Miller, Macie Cleveland County
Miller, Minnie Cleveland County
Miller, Selma Cleveland County
Moore, John Darling Union County
Morgan, Dora Ellen Virginia
Mull, Annie Cleveland County
Mull, Bessie Cleveland County
Mull, Carr Cleveland County
Mull, Edison Cleveland County
Mull, Julius Semore Cleveland County
Mullen, Clyde Grady Lincoln County
Newton, Clinton Cleveland County
Newton, McClure Cleveland County
Nichols, Wilburn Caldwell Cleveland County
Nolan, Ambrose Cleveland County
Nolan, Anderson V. Cleveland County
Nolan, Clyde Cleveland County
Nolan, Kathleen Cleveland County
Nolan, Lee Cleveland County
Nolan, Onslow Cleveland County
Nolan, Tom Cleveland County
Norman, Jimmie Cleveland County
Norman, Mackie Cleveland County
Norman, Walter Cleveland County
Odam, Ambrose Jesse Cleveland County
Osborne, Carl Cleveland County
Osborne, James Louis Cleveland County
Osborne, Thomas Hall Cleveland County
Owens, B. Nathaniel Onslow County
Owens, Claude L. Pitt County
Packard, John Z. Cleveland County
Packard, Jonnie Cleveland County
Parker, Andrew Ambrose Cleveland County
Patterson, Cicero Columbus Cleveland County
Peeler, D.H. Cleveland County
Peeler, Hoyle L. Cleveland County
Peeler, Randolph Cleveland County
Perry, Seth Bridgman Martin County
Phillips, L.G. South Carolina
Piland, Lloyd Wesley Northampton County
Ponder, Camillus Henry Cleveland County
Poston, Lida Cleveland County
Potter, Lawrence South Carolina
Powell, Oscar W. Cleveland County
Price, Ada Rutherford County
Price, Edna Rutherford County
Price, Elmer Rutherford County
Price, Roland Ernest Rutherford County
Pritchard, Mamie Cleveland County
Pritchard, Minnie Cleveland County
Pruett, Charles Jacob Cleveland County
Putnam, Ila Cleveland County
Putnam, Marcus Carl Cleveland County
Queen, Fay Catawba County
Queen, Glen Catawba County
Queen, Leah Catawba County
Ramsaur, Mary Burke County
Ratterree, Bright Dixon Cleveland County
Rhodes, George Edward Mecklenburg County
Richard, Laura Cleveland County
Richard, Lois Cleveland County
Richard, Mayme Cleveland County
Riggins, James Hurley Union County
Rollins, Omer Cleveland County
Roper, D.W. South Carolina
Royster, Charles Esper Cleveland County
Russell, Katie Mae Onslow County
Russell, Lillian Onslow County
Sain, Boyse Lincoln County
Sain, Fred Lincoln County
Sain, Summie K. Lincoln County
Sanders, James McLendon Onslow County
Schenk, Jean Cleveland County
Schenck, Sam Cleveland County
Schrum, Annie May Cleveland County
Schrum, Elvie Cleveland County
Schrum, Lander Cleveland County
Scott, Livingston Atwood Jones County
Scronce, A.F. Lincoln County
Sherriff, Minnie South Carolina
Shidall. John Edward Lincoln County
Simmons, Wilbur Cleveland County
Smalley, Alma Cleveland County
Smalley, Beulah Cleveland County
Smalley, Ola Cleveland County
Smith, Cleveland L. Lincoln County
Smith, Griffin Prixley Cleveland County
Smith, W.P. Lincoln County
Southards, Carrie Cleveland County
Southards, Montgomery Cleveland County
Stacy, James Edward South Carolina
Stacy, Solon B. South Carolina
Stevens, James Bladen County
Stockton, William Coran Rutherford County
Sweezy, Curtis Cleveland County
Sweezy, Della Cleveland County
Sweezy, Pressley Cleveland County
Tate, C.V. South Carolina
Tate, Landrum Reeves Rutherford County
Taylor, Plummer A. Beauford County
Thomas, Oliver South Carolina
Thomas, Phillip N. Carteret County
Thomasson, Joseph Beaty South Carolina
Towery, Ola Cleveland County
Towery, Sarah Cleveland County
Trawick, William Floyd Robeson County
Turnage, Maude Pitt County
Tucker, James Theodore Pitt County
Turner, Marvin L. Cleveland County
Upton, Dorsie C. Lincoln County
Walker, Cleburn Cleveland County
Wall, Lona Cleveland County
Wallace, Annie Louise Davidson County
Wallace, Robert Cleveland County
Walters, Columbus Bryan Gaston County
Warlick, W. Farel Lincoln County
Weast, Charles Cleveland County
Weast, Clem Cleveland County
Weast, Joe Cleveland County
Weathers, Bynum Cleveland County
Weathers, Elbridge Cleveland County
Weaver, Roland Herbert Cleveland County
Webber, Fred Cleveland County
Wehunt, Evan Lincoln County
Wellman, Cornie Cleveland County
Wesson, Eula Cleveland County
Wesson, Susie Cleveland County
Westbrook, Charles S. South Carolina
Westbrook, Robert L. South Carolina
Whisnant, Amy Cleveland County
Whisnant, Durham Cleveland County
Whisnant, Ema Cleveland County
Whisnant, Garney Cleveland County
Whisnant, Horace Cleveland County
White, Edith Cleveland County
White, Susan Cleveland County
White, W.E. Cleveland County
Whitehead, Alvin Pearce Craven County
Whitehead, Bessie Lee Cleveland County
Wilkins, Frank Cleveland County
Wilkins, Mac Cleveland County
Williamson, Yates Cleveland County
Willis, Annie Laurie Cleveland County
Wilson, Buren Cleveland County
Wood, Alma Bevan South Carolina
Wood, D.C. Lincoln County
Wortman, Clem Dixon Cleveland County
Wray, Alston Cleveland County
Wright, Emory Everette Arkansas
Wright, Ernest Cleveland County
Yelton, A.G. Cleveland County
Yelton, Dennice Cleveland County
Yelton, Gladys Cleveland County
Yelton, June Cleveland County
Yelton, Lois Cleveland County
Yelton, Macie Cleveland County
Yelton, Mozelle Cleveland County
Yelton, Nannie Lee Cleveland County
Yelton, Paris Cleveland County
Youngblood, Bruton Leslie South Carolina



Campen, Joshua Earl Horn, Vertie
Clapp, Georgie Hoyle, Katie Lou
Clippard, Amy Lattimore, Selvia
Dellinger, Lela Laughridge, Henry
Edwards, Bertha Mull, Lou Bessie
Elam, Addie Nolan, Kathleen
Falls, Lula May Osborne, James Louis
Freeman, Viola E. Packard, Jonnie
Gardner, Vernie Russell, Katie Mae
Godwin, Ella Russell, Lillian
Godwin, Ethel Schenck, Jean
Gold, Blanche Schenck, Sam
Grigg, Maude Turnage, Maude
Harris, Varona Warlick, W. Farel
Hicks, Annie Wellman, Cornie


Beam, Florence Manning, John Eber
Bingham, Hattie Mull, Lou Bessie
Black, Robert C. Peeler, D.H.
Britton, William B. Price, Roland Ernest
Cabiness, Turner Pruett, Charles Jacob
Chapin, William J. Ramsaur, Mary
Cornwell, Nora Stockton, William Caron
Covington, Vertie May Wallace, Annie Louise
Freshwater, Margaret R. Weathers, Bynum
Godwin, L.T. Webber, Fred
Grigg, Horace White, Edith
Leonard, C.C. White, W.E.
Lovelace, Wm. Monroe  

Business Department

Graduates, 1910-11

Amy Clippard Cleveland County
Posie Edgar Downs Cleveland County
H. Rowland English Cleveland County
Lou Bessie Mull Cleveland County
Seth Bridgeman Perry Martin County
W. Farel Warlick Lincoln County